Thursday, February 16, 2012

social bookmarking soulmate

Today I was introduced to the social bookmarking site Diigo, a digital tool that allows users to annotate, store, and share information via web pages. I have reservations about the value of this tool, but I see that a potentially practical use might be that it allows searching for and finding other users with similar interests. Case in point, I noticed that I bookmarked many of the same pages that user Lysa Fish had, so following that lead I sifted through her library of links and found many interesting articles that are relevant to my points of study. For example, I found a paper entitled "Constitution of Culture through Consumerism and the Illusion of Individualism," which discusses the empirical observations of contemporary culture and economics as a product of self-interested agendas. I also came across "Retro Resurgence with Old, Unique Technology," which details the increasing demand for nostalgic commodities. She has built a rather extensive library, with over 100,000 links and a few added daily. Not only does she solely select articles that are well-researched and trustworthy, but she goes the extra mile to tag and attach a short caption to each find and neatly organizes all her tags. Her collection mainly focuses on culture, media, vintage, and the history that runs through these themes, and I hope, in following Lysa, I will find many more relevant and interesting articles that I can share with my readers. Until next time...

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